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What is The Hub?

The Hub is a student success center for Hall County and Gainesville City families. It is a one stop shop for access to college, career, and workforce planning, mental and behavioral health, and basic needs.

Hub Highlights

Readiness and Support 

- 13 College courses are offered 

- Fall of 2022 we had 249 Dual Enrolled Students and then in Spring of 2023 we have 271 Students Enrolled. 

- 30 hours of tutoring provided 

- 86 International students served 

- 172 UNG-TRIO participants 

-1,161 College Hours 

The Hub has served families with over 14,000 pounds of food along with serving students over 2,000 different snacks. 

Community Referrals and Events 

- 62 Mental Health

- 10  Medical 

- 20 Teen Wellness 

- 2 Small Group Workshops 

- 435 Students attended Fentanyl Awareness 

- 391 SSW Referrals