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Restoration - Education - Direction


Students and families face unprecedented challenges today. The impacts of social media, pressure to make college and career choices, and the effects of drugs, poverty and trauma have created an environment in which, tragically, five percent of Hall County's teenagers report that they have attempted suicide.

In order to more fully support the needs of students and families, a centralized hub of services will be developed on the Gainesville High School campus - a student success center. The Hub will be open to students throughout Gainesville and Hall County to help address their needs and the needs of their families and the community at large, and will serve as a pilot to potentially replicate in other areas throughout the region.

Components of the project include addressing academic and workforce development while also increasing access, collaboration, and education regarding the mental and behavioral health services that are increasingly in demand. By collaborating with community agencies and local non-profits to bring mental and behavioral health services to a centralized location, support services will be offered that can help students reach their full potential and have positive ripple effects within families.

The vision for these services is based on creating an environment of trust with students and working to destigmatize the need for mental and behavioral health services.. The goal is to impact the health and development of our students and their families by offering them hope and outreach, while ultimately creating a more productive workforce and community.

The Hub wants to thank the Medical Center Foundation for choosing us as the 2019 beneficiary. Thanks to all of the sponsorships who supported this event!